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02.03.2014  |   MicroEssentials

Micronutrients: Boron, Manganese Make Waves

“MicroEssentials and Aspire are considered foundational crop nutrition products in that they’re N, P and K-based, but they also allow for a more balanced crop nutrition plan,” says Kevin Kimm, Senior Director of Marketing at The Mosaic Company.

11.21.2013  |   MicroEssentials

Balance Your Crop Nutrition With Mosaic

MicroEssentials® utilizes Fusion Technology™ to bring together two forms of sulfur: sulfate and elemental sulfur. Having those two forms allows for season-long sulfur availability to the crop.

09.24.2013  |   MicroEssentials

The Mosaic Company Launches MicroEssentials Social Media Sites

In its efforts to share its expertise and build a peer community among growers and retailers, The Mosaic Company launched three new social media sites for those seeking to grow their crop nutrition and micronutrient knowledge.

The Mosaic Company Launches MicroEssentials ® Social Media Sites to Discuss the Value of Fertilizer Technology

PLYMOUTH, Minn. (September 24, 2013) — The Mosaic Company has launched three new social media sites aimed at sharing expertise and building a peer community for retailers and growers seeking to advance their crop nutrition knowledge and elevate the role of micronutrients in their crop production systems.

With one in ten North American farmers applying MicroEssentials premium fertilizer to their farm fields, Mosaic recognized a customer need for social and mobile communication about micronutrients. The MicroEssentials Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sites will promote timely industry news, fertilizer technology information and agronomy advice.

“Mosaic wants to help retailers and farmers more easily discuss and exchange ideas about balanced crop nutrition and high-yield cropping systems,” said Kevin Kimm, Senior Director of Marketing and Agronomy at The Mosaic Company. “The MicroEssentials social sites will not only help our commercial and agronomy teams provide research updates, discuss trends and answer questions but they will also help us learn from farmers and our retail partners, ultimately advancing the crop nutrition industry.”

MicroEssentials with patented Fusion technology combines nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and zinc into one uniquely formulated, nutritionally balanced granule—creating a single source for balanced crop nutrition.

Connect on social media to join the discussion and share ideas at:

MicroEssentials Facebook
@MicroEssentials Twitter
MicroEssentials YouTube

For more information on the MicroEssentials product portfolio and to find a MicroEssentials retailer near you, visit MicroEssentials.com.

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